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Weaving For Empowerment

Weaving For Empowerment

This program was established by The Small World with the intent to teach women marketable skills, to help them become economically independent, to keep traditional Nepali weaving alive, and to serve as an inspiration for other women to join them with hope and promise for their future.

We have so far trained 5 women from different backgrounds; a few of them are single mothers and the others were not given the opportunity to go to school, since girls seldom get this chance due to poverty and gender inequality.

These women hand weave a beautiful cotton fabric known as Dhaka. This is a centuries old authentic Nepalese traditional fabric. Its beauty lies in the unique creative expression and color combinations of the weaver.

Dhaka fabric can be used as scarves, table runners, bed runners, and wall hangings, and can be made into any other attire like dresses, coats, etc.

When we sell the products, 90% of the profit goes back to the weavers and 10% will be used to train more women in the communities.

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Weaving For Empowerment
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