I Am Proud To Be A Girl

[caption id="attachment_170" align="alignnone" width="1200"] The "I Am Proud to Be a Girl" team[/caption]



A team of ten girls selected because of their passion for their desired career are receiving special sponsorship through a program called, “I am proud to be a girl.”  These girls, all from different remote Himalayan communities, are pursuing their bachelor degrees in different fields with the intention to change their life and build leadership to give back to their communities.


All of the girls meet once every three months for distribution of their sponsorship fund. The aim of this program is not just to support their education costs, which is what most charities are doing, but to engage them in meaningful service work in their community; to teach them how to identify problems; to find the best solution by working together; to share and develop their ideas, skills and knowledge; and to make a difference by changing themselves to help make positive changes in their family and communities. The approach is "learning by doing."


We thank our valued and long term partner, TSW France Nepal, for their generous support in funding the girls'  university education.