Education sponsorship program for Children


At The Small World, one of our missions is to provide sponsorship to needy girls for their education, especially because the cycle of major disadvantage starts very early in life for them.


Over the years, our sponsorship has involved our constant supervision of school attendance and academic performance for all of our girls to ensure that each is in school and getting a good education.


We currently have eighty (80) girls in this program, ranging from the pre-school to university level. Most of the girls are from underprivileged families in the Solukhumbhu district.


To be a part of this action, you can simply sponsor a child  annually for only $365.00,* which will help to keep on school.In addition to the education that your gift is life changing and of immense help to a needy child, you will also receive a letter from the child you are sponsoring with an update twice a year, photos of the child, progressive reports on their academic progress, and the opportunity to meet personally with the child and witness his or her bright face and smile upon meeting you when you visit Nepal.