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Girls’ Higher Education Program in Solukhumbu

In the remote Everest region of Nepal, seven out of ten girls drop out of school after grade 10. Other than for reasons of poverty, the prevailing cultural view in Nepal favors sending boys to school and keeping the girls at home to take care of household chores. As a result, the literacy rate of women is just 23%.


At The Small World, we envision a world where every girl and boy has equal access and opportunity to attend school and receive an education. To realize this dream, and to end the gender gap in education in remote villages of Solukhumbhu, we built the first of its kind Girls’ Dorm for higher education. This provides guardianship for girls to have a safe place as well as tuition fees, uniforms, and books. Several Women’s Leadership Programs help them to push their personal limits with a goal of future role model leadership for their community. This helps to assure both girls and women and future generations that girls also can be teachers, doctors, leaders, social workers, successful business women, or anything they can dream of for their future.


Every year, we support forty (40) girls who reside in some of the most remote villages in Solukhumbu for a higher education program in the Girls’ Dorm. It is our belief that change begins with these girls as they become role and leadership models for their communities and realize their dreams.

We had 160 girls graduate in 2016, and 20 more are graduating in 2017. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of all the graduates are placed in different jobs like teaching, health care, and accountancy.