Earthquake Relief and Response

The Small World began building permanent, earthquake resistant schools to replace those destroyed and damaged by the two major earthquakes that hit Nepal on 25th April and 12th May, 2015. They have left an ugly mark by killing over 10,000 people, injuring more than 20,000 people, and damaging almost all schools, houses and infrastructure in many rural districts of Nepal, including the Solukhumbu district in the Everest region.

Nepal is currently in a state of violence and instability after the adoption of the new Constitution. The country, which is still struggling with post-earthquake vulnerabilities, is now troubled with internal conflicts due to a disagreement in the Constitution from indigenous groups who are blocking the Nepal-India border.

Being a landlocked country, Nepal has been dependent on its import from India which includes the import of basic supplies like fuel, cooking gas, and other items. The whole country is now facing shortages in meeting basic daily needs. This has increased vulnerabilities and risks for women, children, and earthquake victims as individuals have to stand in line for days to buy petrol and cooking gas.

We realize that all these problems have increased the role of non-profits like The Small World, which are working on the ground directly with local people. We are committed always to protecting women and children and reaching these earthquake victims. Our school reconstruction programme in Solukhumbu started the second week of November 2016. Our field staffs and international volunteers from Norway and the USA left for Solukhumbu to begin the projects.

A huge thanks to all our supporters, friends, and partners who are helping us to build temporary school construction, immediate relief with foods, water, tarpaulins, and sanitation supplies and continue our ongoing projects. Your generous support after these earthquake benefited 20,000 people and built 20 temporary schools in the Solukhumbu district.

Today, we are in vital need of your continued support to build permanent earthquake resistant schools, teach locals how to make their homes more structurally sound for future quakes, and help keep girls in school to assure future leaders and save them from from trafficking and other abuses



$50            Will help to provide stationery, books and a school bag for a child and will enable his/her schooling.
$100 Will help to pay for a child’s 4 months school fee.
$300 Will help to pay for a year school fee.
$500 Will help to construct a toilet for a family of 8-10 people.
$800 Will help a girl at Solukhumbhu Girls Dorm achieve a year of high school.
$1000 Will provide a tin roof for a family of 8-10 people and will last for at least 10 years. As winter approaches, it is a real challenge for families to have a strong and warm place to live in during freezing cold months.
$1200 Will provide a total sponsorship cost for a girl living at the Himalayan Hope Home. We have 26 girls who are orphaned and abandoned by society. At the Himalayan Hope Home they receive parental care and love, nutritional meals and education as any other normal children.
$1500 Will provide a tin roof for a new school.  After the earthquake, with no schools standing in the district, the education of thousands of children have been really affected. TSW will be building 20 new earthquake resistance schools this year.
$2000 Will sponsor desks and benches for 50 students so that students can study in more comfortably.
$2500 Will provide doors and windows for an entire classroom of 50 students. Your funds will be matched by the community with labour & resource contributions.
$3000 Will pay for total labor wage of constructing 1 school with 2 classrooms. By donating this amount you are also giving a job to an earthquake victims at local level.
$5000 Will provide a safe drinking water facility to an entire school. This will benefit 200 plus students.
$7000 Will help us buy all the construction materials needed for 1 classroom under our school re-construction project and will benefit 50 students yearly.
$10,000 Will provide a safe drinking water facility for a community benefiting over 3000 populations. Where at the moment mainly women and girls have to walk 30 minutes each way to fetch water and due to this, many girls are out of school just because they have to assist their mother fetching water.
$15,000 Will provide about 30 toilets for an entire community and help us declare an open defecation free community. This will improve the sanitation, help prevent water sources from getting contaminated and prevent from epidemics of water born diseases saving hundreds of lives.
$30,000 Will fund a tin roof for an entire village of about 30 families.